Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Looking for Open Doors

You might be asking yourself, "How can he still have a good attitude after all of this?" But the truth is that I do stumble and fall on occasion. The big thing is that I get back up and keep on trucking. How can I even begin to look down on myself and or my situation when the Love in my family runs strong, the health is great and no stomach is empty. My children or myself and wife are not going with out we are highly blessed in knowing that God is supplying our every need. No, I do not have a full time job and no, I do not make an excessive amount of money, but my Father continues to provide for us. Our bills are met to the most part and all of our needs are met. My family and myself had learned awhile back that it is not going without when it is a want. The needs of my family are few and the wants are even fewer. We have learned to live within our means and consider it a blessing that God has entrusted
us with what He has. Nothing that I have is mine any way, it all belongs to the Father.

I would be a liar if I said that I do not get discouraged sometimes. The difference is that it is not for me but for the ones in whom my heart aches to help. You see, If people could only understand the passion and love I have for helping those children in need, they would surely hire me without question. My sole desire is not to make million or to become extremely successful, I am just wanting to be able to start the planting of seed to ensure the harvest of those that do not know Christ as I do. Is it wrong to want to make a difference in a young persons life, to have them lean on a shoulder or receive a touch of love. You see I don't want to change the world, I just want to be able to touch the lives of a few in need. In essence, to give back to others that which Christ has given me in this life.

Continue top pray for me, for I know it is the prayers that keep me going, looking for that one open door. I continue to remember that it is not in my time but in God's.