Thursday, March 12, 2009

A new chapter to our Family

This past week has been a delightful but yet strange kind of week. After spending this past Friday night with my wife preparing for my oldest of my daughters first baby shower, I was very excited. Proud and full of joy as to becoming a first time Grandpa.

The setting was made and the goodies prepared;
when visions of grandeur danced through my everywhere.
The cupcakes were made and the sandwiches wrapped;
waiting for this special days first little mishap.
So I myself laid down to enjoy a quiet day.
When all of sudden not much to my dismay.
the sound of cakes flying came across my cell phone;
in only a way that my wife could have shown.
The idea of the mess wasn't enough
the phone kept on ringing with forgotten stuff.

The duckies were swimming and the tables were set;
the party was starting and that's a sure bet.
My daughter arrived with her belly stuck out,
the guest were awaiting with a surprising shout.

The Achesons' hosted in their loving abode;
and everyone loved it from what I've been told.

My daughter and us are so grateful to you;
for it's God's love that you show that shines so true.
The guest are all leaving and that makes us sad;
but we'll never forget the time that we had.

Now everyone's gone and it's time to relax;
for the mother an me it's off to the sack.
Another day's over, another day's gone,
but the love that was given was all just for one.
The little one's coming, not knowing his name,
he lies there sleeping while mom does the same.
We await his arrival for the time is so near.
Our little one's coming there isn't a fear.

My daughters' the first that I had in my life,
now her little one will be shared with me and my wife.
Spoiled and rotten right down to the bone,
for Grandma and Grandpa it's the love we have shown.

Well this is for sure the silliest little poem I have ever doodled with in my 47 years of life, but it was fun and I needed to add a blog. Best wishes to my loving daughter and son-in-law with the soon be arrival of there first baby son.

Love Dad.